Your Lack of Focus is Costing You Money and Success

I get it! We all have distractions. We set out to be focused and productive every day, but there are a few different types of distractions that steal your focus.

The first type of distraction is obligatory. You have family or friends that need you and you are obligated to show up and help them. This is a duty, and you really can’t do a lot about these. They are just going to happen.

The second type is the hidden distractions that rob you of your focus. These are the sneaky distractions that we rationalize, justify or even don’t even see.

These distractions can be Netflix, love interests, busy work (that doesn’t move the needle on your progress or earning at work), food, drama etc.

Netflix/Screen Time Steal Focus

Netflix and screen time is as a distraction in today’s society is an epidemic. You turn on Netflix for just a minute to enjoy a TV show, next thing you know 3 hours have gone by and you didn’t get anything done that you wanted to get done.

This can also be any social media, text messages and any notifications on your phone.

Love Interest You have experienced this before, I am sure. You are working and suddenly you lose your train of thought, and your brain starts thinking about that love interest and before you know it you have gone down a rabbit hole and have to pull yourself out to focus on your work again.

However, sometimes…you don’t pull yourself out. You just let the mind wander down the rabbit hole of the relationship.

You are thinking about things that may or may not be happening, what you want to happen, what you think is happening. The next thing you know you just lost 20min or more of your valuable, precious time.

Busy Work Steals Focus

Busy work is a very sneaky distraction. You are at your desk and you have a pile of files that will require you to think and use your analytical, logical brain and you have a stack of files that are mindless tasks. Of course you gravitate to the mindless tasks, because it is easy and it lets your brain off the hook.


Food is one of my favorites. You know when you get done with a task that was a little tedious or taxing, you immediate think about the doughnuts in the breakroom or the potato chips in the kitchen (if you work from home like me).

You decide to take a break and just go get a snack. You aren’t hungry, but before you can dive into the next task you just need a break…so you go get something to eat.


Whether we like it or not, we can be attracted to drama. You are sitting there working away diligently and someone drops by your desk to tell you the latest gossip about whoever. Your interest is peaked, so you take a break to talk to them about it.

Or you are sitting working diligently and you get a notification from your computer about something that just happened in the news, and you have to click on it to see what is happening.

Lack of Focus is Costing You

These distractions seem harmless, but are they really?

When we break our train of thought or take a break, we are really wasting our valuable precious time.

We all know that time is money. So, every minute that we spend in lack of focus on is money down the drain.

Every minute that you spend on things that don’t move the needle for your success is costing you success.

How to Maintain Focus

There are 2 critical ways that I have found help immensely to maintain focus.

Be Mindful to Stay Focused

The number one critical habit to maintain focus is to be mindful.

When we learn to stay in the present moment and do every action with complete awareness, we can assure that the actions that we are taking are exactly what we meant to do.

Have you ever gotten done with something and realized that you were checked out in your mind through the whole endeavor? You find yourself saying, “That’s not what I meant to do.”

Well, this is the opposite of being mindful.

When you are mindful, you are taking in the details of everything around you and every step of the action. We tend to check out when the action is boring or repetitious. Checking out is why most car accidents happen within a few miles of home.

You are allowing it all to be ok. You are not bracing against any task or outcome. You are relaxed and allowing the situation or work to be just as it is. Your ego is not involved, and you are able to just accomplish the task at hand.

When you are mindful of your time and your intention, you can make a better decision when you lose your train of thought and start thinking about love interests, food or love interests.

You can decide to stay focused and continue to work toward your financial and success goals.

Turn Off All Notifications to Stay Focused

The second critical habit to stay focused is to turn off all notifications and put your phone on silent. I know what you are thinking…I can’t possibly live with my notifications turned off. I will miss something.

I have to tell you that you will be fine! I turned off all my notifications years ago and I haven’t missed anything yet.

If there is an app that you have a hard time with like email, leave that one turned on and turn the others off. (That is what I do.)

You will be so much more productive without being notified every time someone posts on FB or Instagram. You really don’t need to hear the ding every time someone sends you a text.

You do need to stay connected, so plan out break times during your day. You can check those apps and texts when you are on lunch break or after the workday.

I promise you all of it will keep. If you have friends who are used to texting you throughout the day, you can just let them know that your phone is on silent, and you will get back to them later if they text you.

You want to make money and be successful, so you have to stay focused!

If you have small children at daycare you may not be able to put your phone on silent. If that is the case, when texts come in that are not from the daycare or your spouse, ignore them until break time or after work.

Again, I promise it will keep!

Start Today

You can start today to practice these two critical habits to stay focused.

  1. Be Mindful
  2. Turn Off All Notifications

Begin being mindful in the morning. As soon as you catch yourself checking out. Notice 3 things around you. It might be the color of the paint on the walls, it might be the sensation of your fingers on the keyboard, it might be the smell of something around you.

Just slow down and start to pay attention to the things around you and get into a mindful space.

Turning off your notifications is easier. Just go into settings on your phone and your computer and turn those puppies off!

Go into your settings or click the button on your phone to silent.

Voila, optimum focus work environment.

If you want to read more about why focus is important to eliminate burnout click here.

Love to Hear from You

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