My Friend’s Shift in Perspective

So, I was having coffee with some friends the other day. One of my friends has been looking for a job for about a year. She seemed to be pretty darn positive. I mentioned that she seemed so much MORE positive now than she did a year ago… so I asked her, “What changed? How are you staying so positive through all of this?” She said, “My perspective! I just shifted my perspective from lack to abundance.” At that moment, I really realized how powerful perspective can really be!!! think of big dreams

Lack of Perspective Causes Anxiety

When we are in lack of perspective, we experience what I call ‘the wanting’ or ‘the needing’. We are laser-focused on all the things that we perceive that we ‘want’ or ‘need’…all the things that we DON’T have. It permeates our whole day, our every thought, our every conversation. You can find out if you are in lack of perspective by paying attention to the thoughts in your head and the words that come out of your mouth.

If you catch yourself saying ‘I want’ or ‘I need’ in your head or out loud consistently, then you are probably lack perspective. Unfortunately, this is a place that feeds on itself. When we focus on one thing that we need or want, our mind immediately trots out all the other things that we think we ‘want’ or ‘need’. This perspective causes us anxiety, depression, stress, and overall dissatisfaction with life. Does this sound familiar?

Ways to Turn it Around

So, the real question is…How do we turn it around? There are many different methods that I use with my clients such as meditation, vision boards, gratitude, and changing our thoughts and speech. I want to give you a few things that you can use today to start the shift from lack to abundance.

One that you can try today is changing your thoughts and words. When you catch the words ‘want’ or ‘need’ in your head or coming out of your mouth, switch it to…’ I will have ______ in good time’ or ‘If I am supposed to have ____________ and I will get it in good time…it is already on the way.’ I also like to add affirmations when I am feeling this way. I like to say, ‘all is well’ and/or ‘I am safe, and I have all that I need or want right now’.

The real trick is to FEEL as if you already in abundance. This sends a signal that you are ready for ______ and it flows to you. However, it has been my experience that sometimes even when I think I want ____________, I really ‘want’ or ‘need’ something else much more…so I like to say things like, “I know that ________ or something better is coming to me in good time. A lot of the time what I get is soooo much better than I ever could have imagined!!!

Shift from Lack to Abundance

This change in thoughts and words will catapult you into the perspective of abundance. Abundance is an overall feeling that your needs and wants are met and then some. It is a feeling that all the bills are paid, all your material needs are met and all of your emotional/spiritual needs are met as well.

Like everything I do I take the mind, body, spirit approach to this too. So, when we feel all of these are met, we can breathe and take a sigh of relief. We don’t have to ‘struggle’ over them anymore! It is on the way!

Still Have to Live in the Real World

Now, don’t get me wrong…we still have to pay the bills, balance the checkbook and be fiscally responsible, but we don’t have to dwell on that number. When we see that number, we don’t have to immediately go into fear and think of all the other bills that we have coming due and cause ourselves angst over it.

We can accept reality and still ‘feel’ abundance! It all starts with changing our thoughts and our words!! Abundance is not only about money. It can be about having an abundance of healthy food to eat, having a roof over our heads, and clean water to drink. It can be about love and quality relationships

. It can be about anything and everything. It is about all the things we have and maybe taking for granted right now. Even if we are dissatisfied with what we have, we can still feel abundance. We can say, ‘I would like a better _____, and I know it is on the way”.

Try Gratitude

I also like to recommend to my clients that they do daily gratitude lists. When you get up in thAnother thing that you can try today is gratitude. When you catch the words ‘want’ and ‘need’ in your head or coming out of your mouth, immediately focus on all the things that you do have and that you’re are grateful for.

You can shift to gratitude any time of the day or night. Instead of being laser-focused on the things that you don’t have, be laser-focused on the things that you do have!! In e morning or when you go to bed at night, take a few minutes and write down 3 – 5 things that you are grateful for in your life. This will help keep you in gratitude and abundance daily.

Update On My Friend

Update on my friend…she recently got the ‘perfect’ job! It pays the exact amount of money that she needs, it is in the field of work that she was looking for AND she got a free gym membership!! It took a little longer, but it was well worth the wait, and in the meantime, she was able to say out of anxiety, depression, stress, and struggle. All because she was able to shift from the lack perspective to the abundance perspective!!

Have you ever experienced a lack of perspective? Why do you think people can’t seem to shift from the lack to the abundance perspective? Do you feel capable to shift?

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