What’s Holding You Back?

So, recently I realized that there are things that we hang on to things that are comforting to us, but they are really holding us back from evolving into who we are supposed to be and/or where we are supposed to go.

No Time Like the Present!

We may have known this, but it is truly clear and, in our face, right now, in ways that make it impossible not to see it anymore.  I was in this place myself recently in my life.  I reached a point where I felt frustrated at every turn and it felt like I was stuck…unable to move forward into the next iteration of life…into my goals, my hopes, and my dreams.

Awareness First

I had to get still.  I went inside, in meditation.  I believe all the answers are inside of me…all I have to do is ask.  I have been honing this practice over the years.  So, I asked my higher self, my inner knowing – “What is holding me back?”  WOW, I got a long list!  I had no idea!!

Ask for Help

I also believe that it is in the vulnerability of reaching out and asking for help that we can experience the most growth.  I also have people around me that I trust to help me with my messages.  I believe that no one is alone or separate.  It can be a spiritual guide, a success coach, a therapist, etc., but interpreting messages in a bubble is not usually a good idea.

We Don’t Need Crutches

In my meditations, (and with some Divinely placed people in my life) I realized that I was holding on so tightly to so many things that had no place in my future.  These were things that I loved, things that I felt like I NEEDED, things that I have had in my life for decades.

These things had become crutches in my life that I no longer needed to walk freely on my own.  I also realized that there were people that I had developed unhealthy one-sided relationships with; habits that no longer served me; old thought patterns and old beliefs that all needed to go for me to evolve into my next self.


My next question, was “how”?  How do I let go of these things that are so deeply entrenched in me to make room for what is to come?

I went inside again…  I found out that the people I needed to let go of, some of them I just needed to tell them goodbye, some of them I just needed to let it run its course and stop contacting them, so they could fade away, and some that I couldn’t remove from my life – I just needed to distance myself from them with love.

I thought the old habits would be the easiest to let go of, but then I realized that these habits were connected to the old thought patterns and beliefs about who I am.  This makes them much harder to just break.

Who am I?

It was time to re-frame who I think I am… So, that got me thinking who am I?  I have done extensive work on this in the recent past.  I have done shadow work to learn who I am in total – the light and the dark.  I had to do affirmations to replace the old thoughts/beliefs with new ones.  I did holistic healing to remove the energetic blocks that were keeping me stuck in the past.  I had to do coaching with someone who could see who I am meant to be now.

The Shift from what’s holding you back

After doing this work, I was able to shift these thoughts and beliefs and then the habits were much easier to break.  Then, it was just a matter of not doing them and replacing them with healthy habits.  It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit…I think it might be possible, but it has been my experience that to get lasting results it takes much longer.

I think it takes closer to 90 days to a year for the new habit to really stick.  I think this because as soon as the focus on the new habit shifts, we go right back to the old habit.

Pull it All Together

However, we have to do this inner work and we truly know who we are…  We have to let go of all that is no longer us…what’s holding you back to make room for all the new good things that are meant for us to evolve.  We can move freely and easily into the future, into the people that we are meant to be in the future.

So, if you find yourself feeling stuck (especially right now, when everything around us is shifting)…maybe it is time to go inside, to discover what is no longer you and let it go…to evolve into the you that you are meant to be right now!!!

Let Me Know whats’ holding you back!!

Leave me a comment … what’s holding you back that you think to make people feel stuck?  What are some ways that they could make time for themselves when they are feeling stuck?