you have only failed if you have given up

You Can Only Fail…  If You Quit Trying!

Hot Topic Lately!

Lately, this has been a theme that keeps popping up. I had a conversation with more than a few friends about the “You Have Only Failed If You Have Given Up” topic lately.  One of my friends is starting her own business.  She is super passionate and is laying the groundwork for a strong foundation for a successful business.  However, fear and doubt creep in every once in a while, and she wonders if she is doing the right thing.  She and I get together about once a week (which is part of how I stay connected to friends, but that is another blog post).

The last time I saw her we were talking about all the different moving pieces and parts in our lives because we are both solopreneurs.  I was describing to her a few things that hadn’t gone too well for me having to do with the tech that I have to use for my business.

She said, “Really, it always seems like you have it all together.”  I said, “Thank you so much, but it isn’t all together all the time.”  And then, I said, “Even though the tech is giving me a hard time, I won’t quit trying…you can only fail if you quit trying.”

Human Spirit Says  – Keep Trying!

I believe this is a real human spirit that is in us all…the drive to keep trying…even when it is hard or complicated.  It is an unspoken, unnamed desire to keep putting the pieces of the puzzle together until you can start to see the bigger picture.  I have to admit that there have been things that I have tried in the past that went crazy sideways and/or just plain didn’t work out.  I can’t let those experiences stop me.  They can’t define me.  I keep it moving, and after a bit, they are just tiny blips on the radar of my life history.

I Learn About Me

All the things I try are wonderful teaching tools.  I learn critical lessons about myself and about life from each experience.  It is the willingness and courage to get back up and dust myself off and keep trying that defines me!

One example for me lately was trying to get an app to do what I needed it to do for my business.  I am by no means a tech guru.  So, I watched several YouTube videos and read several books and still couldn’t figure it out.  It turns out that the app has recently done an update and all the buttons are in different places and are called different things.

So, I was horribly frustrated! I wanted to just give up.  I just had this little voice in the back of my head that kept saying…” Just try one more thing.”

Courage to Try One…More…Thing…

This little voice is always with me and I believe it is an innate human characteristic.  It is how the human race continues to evolve and discover new things.  It reminded me of all the times in the past when I would give up…but have the willingness to try one more thing.

I’d love to report that the one more thing was the answer or solution I was looking for, but it isn’t always the case.  However, I would get on a tidbit of information from that try and that information would spark the willingness to keep trying.

So, I don’t spend any time giving up anymore. I do take a break from things sometimes. I’ve realized that there is almost no reason to continue to beat my head against a wall.  I can just walk away and take a break.  I can sleep on it.  I can meditate on it.  It is amazing what a break can do for me!  Sometimes, answers just pop into my head or I think of someone to call to get help.

Maybe…Ask for Help

It just so happens that a person to call popped into my head.  I swallowed my pride and reached out for help.  The person I contacted was immensely helpful.  However, they wanted to do it for me.  Although this was so tempting, I had to explain to them that I really wanted to understand the process and needed them to show me how it is done.

I really love to just get things done, but it has bitten me in the butt before, so I’ve learned no matter how tedious, I need a basic understanding of how things work.  They agreed to help me and together we got it done!! So, it was just one more example to me of how “You can only fail if you quit trying.”

Questions to Ponder

Why do you think people give up? What’s holding you back? Are you working on something right now that is hard or complicated?  What helps you to stay motivated to keep trying?